Yuki Hayashi – OST: My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission (2xFarvet vinyl)

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Original Motion Picture Soundtrack.

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Yuki Hayashi was born in Kyoto in 1980. Being an active member in a men’s rhythmic gymnastics team in his early years spawned his interest in BGM while selecting songs to complement performances. This led him to begin teaching himself music composition while at university, despite not having a background in music itself. After graduating, Yuki acquired the basics of track making under house techno DJ and sound-maker Hideo Kobayashi and started producing his first range of music accompaniments for dance sports. His experience as a rhythmic gymnast has enabled Yuki to intuitively incorporate an eclectic range of music and produce a unique sound, empowering scenes from TV drama, animation and film.

The film is an adaption based on the original Comic Series “My Hero Academia”, which sold over 50 Million copies worldwide. My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission is the third movie, following My Hero Academia: Two Heroes and My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising and is scheduled to be released in Japanese theaters on August 6 and features the same cast and staff from the previous films and TV anime series.

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OST: My Hero Academia: World Heroes' Mission (2xFarvet vinyl)







Vinyl 1
1. Humarise
2. Terrorism
3. Nerves Before Dispatch – The Story So Far
4. Opening
5. From the Slums to the Cities
6. Incident Occurs
7. Mysterious Villains
8. Tactics
9. Impatience
10. Reasons to be Chased
11. Wanted Criminal
12. A Tough Decision
13. Deku’s Whereabouts
14. Rody’s Past
15. Pursuer
16. Inferiority Complex
17. Rody’s Heart
18. Surprise Attack
19. Rescue
20. Relief for Humanity

Vinyl 2
1. Opposition
2. Message
3. Flect’s Trap
4. Fight Against the Strong
5. Flect’s Thoughts
6. Flect’s Power
7. Surrender
8. Resolved Action
9. Todoroki’s Counterattack
10. The Spirit to Succeed
11. Go Straight!
12. Sacrifice and Peace – Friendship