Parov Stelar – Moonlight Love Affair

Over the past few years, Parov Stelar has meticulously worked his way through the sound of individual decades, sampling and quoting, resurrecting past times and lifting them into the now. Electronic dance music and organic elements – hardly any other artist brings both together as well as the Austrian DJ, producer and Electroswing pioneer.

Like a love affair, he combines jazz, house, electro and pop on his new ninth album “Moonlight Love Affair”, the follow-up to “Voodoo Sonic” from 2020.

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Marcus Füreder, Parov Stelar’s real name, recorded twelve songs for it. Longtime fans will recognize tracks like “Candy Girl” or “Dirty Mariposa” with their retro-chic aesthetic. Singer Mani Hoffman (of Supermen Lovers fame) joins in on the songs “Better Believe” and “Black Bird.” Other guests on “Moonlight Love Affair” include Vallemarie, The Russian Gentlemen Club, Avec and Anduze. The song “Toxic Lover” revels in the use of a sample from the now ubiquitous Shangri-Las song “Remember (Walking In The Sand).” All the tracks together paint a raw and unvarnished picture, vulnerable but also powerful and beautiful. The comparison with a love affair hits the mark here as well.

As with his previous releases, the cover artwork for “Moonlight Love Affair” is by Parov Stelar himself, who also works as a visual artist and designer on the side. The artwork is called “I Can See Music, I Can Hear Art”.

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Moonlight Love Affair




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1: Fire
2: Candy Girl (feat. Vallemarie)
3: Golden Dawn
4: Better Believe (feat. Mani Hoffman)
5: Black Bird (feat. Mani Hoffman)
6: Dirty Mariposa
7: AKH Odessa (feat. The Russian Gentlemen Club)
8: Venom
9: Toy Boy
10: Toxic Lover
11: Lights Off (feat. Anduze)
12: Above the Ground (feat. AVEC)