OST – Judgement Night

The 1993 film Judgment Night was basically suburbia’s paranoid view of inner-city life, where the slightest misstep (such as trying to take a shortcut to a boxing match) has fateful, if not fatal, consequences. And what better music to accompany this middle-class nightmare than a hybrid of the music suburbanites seemed most afraid of; Rap and Rock. It turned out to be quite a fruitful collaboration; while the film bombed, the soundtrack went gold. Judgment Night spawned four singles: Biohazard & Onyx’s “Judgment Night”, Helmet & House Of Pain’s “Just Another Victim”, Teenage Fanclub & De La Soul’s “Fallin” and Faith No More & Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E.’s “Another Body Murdered”. It also features a highly sought after collaboration between Pearl Jam & Cypress Hill. Ice-T and Slayer manage to thrash it out on an unsurpassed level, while Sonic Youth & Cypress Hill have that slightly paranoid sound you get from loving Mary Jane a little too much.

Available as a limited edition of 5000 individually numbered copies on flaming (orange & yellow swirled) vinyl.

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Judgement Night




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A1. Sonic Youth & Cypress Hill – I Love You Mary Jane
A2. Biohazard & Onyx – Judgment Night
A3. Helmet & House Of Pain – Just Another Victim
A4. Living Colour & Run Dmc – Me, Myself & My Microphone
A5. Slayer & Ice-T – Disorder
A6. Dinosaur Jr. & Del The Funky Homosapien – Missing Link
B1. Teenage Fanclub & De La Soul – Fallin’
B2. Mudhoney & Sir Mix-A-Lot – Freak Momma
B3. Faith No More & Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E. – Another Body Murdered
B4. Therapy? & Fatal – Come And Die
B5. Cypress Hill & Pearl Jam – Real Thing

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