Nils Frahm – Streichelfisch

With “Streichelfisch” Nils Frahm presents one of a total of three albums with remastered recordings from his early days. The tracks have not been available for years, some are still completely unreleased, and none of them are yet available on the usual streaming services. Each of these three albums provides a fascinating insight into a creative epoch that was previously known only to absolute Frahm fans and long-time admirers.

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Frahm celebrated his first successes with “Felt”, released in 2011, and “Screws”, which followed a year later; while solo piano plays a dominant role on these albums – Frahm learned to play the piano in his youth – the instrument does not play a major role in the early phase of his career.

“Streichelfisch” is available on vinyl again for the first time since its original pressing in 2005. “Streichelfisch” was Frahm’s very first physical release and originally appeared in a limited vinyl edition of 500 copies.
Although his unfolding talent as a creator of complex and unique soundscapes was already apparent, the disc sold rather sluggishly. “I didn’t play any shows and I couldn’t present the material live,” Frahm looks back. “There was also no promotional campaign; it took a total of over ten years to sell the records. I had just moved to Berlin when the album came out. After delivering three copies to a record store, I found out after a month that there were still two left and I had made just 7 euros. So we started giving away the remaining units to acquaintances and friends. Nobody was interested and nobody wrote about it, but at least I owned a copy. That was the most important thing for me…”

In addition to “Streichelfisch”, Nils Frahm will also release the album “Durton”, which combines tracks from his 2006 digital-only “My First EP” and five previously unreleased compositions. Furthermore, the work “Electric Piano” will be released, which contains seven tracks that were originally released as a download in 2008.

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1: Anfangtastisch
2: Lagrimagua
3: Morning Bliss
4: Streichelfisch
5: Lieb Erlassen
6: Halm
7: 7×1/8
8: No-w-here
9: Aparaquasynthe