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With “Electric Piano” Nils Frahm presents one of a total of three albums with rare, early recordings. Many unavailable for years, others still completely unreleased, not a single one of them yet available on the usual streaming services. Each of these three albums gives a fascinating insight into a creative period that was previously known only to absolute Frahm fans and long-time admirers.

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“Electric Piano” contains seven tracks that were originally released as a download in 2008. “The studio in the south of Berlin could be described more as a wizened rehearsal room,” Frahm says, looking back on the night “Electric Piano” was put together. “The whole room stank of cheap cleaning stuff and there was no daylight. Everything was damp and smelly. At 4 or 5 in the morning we took the first bus home. I remember it seemed to us that it had been quite a good day. But when I listened to the recordings again, I wasn’t so sure.” A judgment seemingly clouded by the chemical fumes, whose skepticism should not have been necessary at all: thus, the album contains seven gracefully fragile compositions in which the future of the musician already seems to emerge. “I recently rediscovered it,” Frahm says. “I’m very grateful that this material exists. It sounds like a completely different person that I can never be again. On the one hand, I’m happy to play differently today. At the same time, it makes me sentimental to hear this side of me again…”.

In addition to “Electric Piano”, Nils Frahm also releases the album “Durton”, which combines tracks from his 2006 purely digital “My First EP” with five previously unreleased compositions. Furthermore, the work “Streichelfisch” is released, which is available on vinyl again for the first time since its original pressing in 2005.

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1: Part I
2: Part II
3: Part III
4: Part V
5: Part VI
6: Part VII
7: Part X