Judas Priest – The Many Faces of Judas Priest

Judas Priest – one the main exponents of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal Judas Priest released their first album in 1974, in the midst of the hard rock era, but they were able to reached mass recognition by 1980 with the release of their sixth album British Steel, and by then, their sound had changed dramatically from their early albums.

From there on, Judas Priest became a key reference of the genre, both musically (many of their songs are essential classics of Heavy Metal) and with their image of leather and tacks, that has been replicated by thousands of bands that came after them.

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The Many Faces of Judas Priest









1. Al Atkins – Winter (Original Singer Of the Priest)
2. Mick Cervino’s Violent Storm* – Deceiver
3. Sundance feat Alan Moore – Coming Down
4. Tigres. – Victims Del Rock (Produced by Dave Holland)
5. Hannibal – 1066 (Produced by Rodger Bain)
6. Elf – Annie New Orleans (Produced By Roger Glover)
7. Glenn Hughs Feat Dave Holland – Getting Near To You
8. Tigres – Tiempo (Produced By Dave Holland)
9. Hannibal – Look Upon Me (Produced by Rodger Bain)

1. Cage – Freewheel Burning
2. Joel Hoakstra – The Sentinal
3. Iconic Tonic – You Got Another Thing Coming
4. Wicked Sings – Breaking The Law
5. Sin After Sin – Beyond The Realms Of Death
6. Fierce Atmosphears – Screaming For Vengeance
7. Jeffrey Marcello feat Derrick Lefevre – Hell Bent For Leather
8. Painkiller – Metal Meltdown
9. Adventures Of Leonoid – Electric Eye
10. Charlie Bonnett III – Devil’s Child