Harry Nilsson – Nilsson Sings Newman

When two gifted mavericks like Harry Nilsson and Randy Newman launch a joint album, you can expect a lot, both vocally and poetically. Nilsson, who performs songs “with the laughing eye of a cynic and the crying eye of a nostalgic” (Rowohlt-Rocklexikon) finds in the still little known Newman his reaction accelerator, this quiet but caustic social critic, who will often put his writing fingers into the festering wounds of American society

In a partly overdubbed layered harmony vocals that roch between cowshed, barbershop and Beatles, Nilsson makes many a bitter lyric pill digestible. He recites the bizarre chronicle of a dull partnership in joyful anticipation of a morbid twilight in an old people’s home (“Love Story”), swears lonely togetherness to a Caroline for the spring of her life or fantasizes about the petit bourgeois idyll of bygone days in the provinces (“Dayton, Ohio 1903”). Big backgrounds would be detrimental to this highly cultivated song culture. The wandering piano chords, a bit of electrified harpsichord and a few gentle grips on the rock organ are enough to make it possible to dig into bleak reality in an old fashioned way with a sarcastic smile or even a nasty grin without falling prey to the blues

Recorded: August – October 1969 at RCA’s Music Center of the World Studios, Hollywood, by Grover Helsley
Production: Harry Nilsson

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Nilsson Sings Newman





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A1 Vine St. 2:50
A2 Love Story 3:39
A3 Yellow Man 2:16
A4 Caroline 2:05
A5 Cowboy 2:48
B1 The Beehive State 2:04
B2 I’ll Be Home 2:35
B3 Living Without You 2:35
B4 Dayton, Ohio 1903 1:50
B5 So Long Dad 2:35