Harry Nilsson – Aerial Ballet

This Speakers Corner production was made using analog master tape and mastering 100% pure analog. All licenses and GEMA fees have been paid.

Recording: 1967 and 1968 at RCA Victor’s Music Center Of The World, Hollywood
Production: Rick Jarrad

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Harry Nilsson (voc); Plas Johnson (ww); Dennis Budimir, Al Casey (g); Michael Melvoin (hpd, org, p); Larry Knechtel (b, p); Jim Gordon (dr); Milt Holland (perc); a. o.

To put the music of Harry Nilsson in line with his personality into concise words can easily turn into an air number. The US-American may still share the reputation of a majority eccentric with a number of his colleagues. But his highly individual style, his “satirical hit sketches with the laughing eye of a cynic and the crying eye of a nostalgic” (rororo Rocklexikon) do not fit into any template. Nilsson packs mocking lines, spiced with a dash of self-irony, into suspiciously pleasing yet carefully chosen harmonies. Very sophisticated and surprisingly smooth vocals revel in sweet and sour phrases in intricate, melt-in-your-mouth arrangements of strings and horns. Some of these fresh-playing numbers from “Aerial Ballet” soared to lofty heights in the rankings. “Everybody’s Talkin'” was made famous by the movie “Asphalt Cowboy” and earned Nilsson her first Grammy. The song “One” soared to the upper echelons of the charts. The rest of the breezy songs cordially invite the listener to create his own personal hit list. Because they are all fun!

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Aerial Ballet





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A1 Good Old Desk 2:22
A2 Don’t Leave Me 2:18
A3 Mr. Richland’s Favorite Song 2:12
A4 Little Cowboy 1:20
A5 Together 2:08
B1 Everybody’s Talkin’ 2:41
B2 I Said Goodbye To Me 2:13
B3 Little Cowboy 0:49
B4 Mr. Tinker 2:41
B5 One 2:50
B6 The Wailing Of The Willow 1:57
B7 Bath 1:44