Dr. John – Anutha Zone

For those of us who long for the days when Dr. John smeared himself with face paint, wore impossibly large headdresses, and sang about gris-gris, gumbo ya-ya, and croker courtbullion, Anutha Zone is indeed a heartening development. In the late 60s Dr. John was a visionary musical alchemist, working with psychedelic imagery and funky rhythms to nab the rock crowd, then plying them with spooky swampland mythology and raw Southern R&B.

On Anutha Zone, Dr. John digs deep into that murky musical well once again, with stunning results. “John Gris,” “Party Hellfire,” and “Soulful Warrior” brilliantly fuse slow-burn grooves, sly musicianship, and Dr. John’s elegantly gruff vocals, conjuring images of dark revelry down French Quarter back alleyways. This was the comeback of 1998, hands down.

Available as a limited edition of 1000 individually numbered copies on gold coloured vinyl. The Music On Vinyl re-issue also contains an insert with a beautiful picture of the mystic man and credits information.

DKK 169,00

Forventet leveringstid: 7-8 dage

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Anutha Zone







A1. Zonata
A2. Ki Ya Gris Gris
A3. Voices In My Head
A4. Hello God
A5. John Gris
A6. Party Hellfire
A7. I Don’t Wanna Know
B1. Anutha Zone
B2. I Like Ki Yoka
B3. The Olive Tree
B4. Soulful Warrior
B5. The Stroke
B6. Sweet Home New Orleans

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