Diverse – Keeping The Faith: 28 Stompin’ Northern Soul Classics

Keeping The Faith / 28 Stompin’ Northern Soul Classics consists of Northern Soul classics from the late ‘60s until the early ‘70s, including artists like Jimmy James, The Sapphires, The Showstoppers, and Kim Davis. Many of the tracks on this compilation are the rare grooves that those original fanatics of Northern Soul would have hunted down relentlessly and paid big bucks for had they found them. To own every track on this compilation, on the original label, would cost you thousands of pounds today, some are as rare as hen’s teeth! But now, as it was then – it’s the music that counts. Go for a spin.

Northern Soul: The very mention of the name conjures up images of a pioneering dance music scene, a scene set in an era before super clubs took dance music to the masses. A youth sub culture where music met record collecting without the aid of the internet. A scene where all night dancing was fuelled by a heavy drug use but emerging a good twenty years before rave culture.

Keeping The Faith / 28 Stompin’ Northern Soul Classic is available as a limited edition of 750 individually numbered copies on solid gold coloured vinyl. The package includes an insert.

DKK 199,00


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Keeping The Faith: 28 Stompin' Northern Soul Classics







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