Death Angel – Frolic Through The Park

Frolic Through the Park is the second studio album by American thrash metal band Death Angel. It was their last record to be released on Enigma Records before signing to Geffen Records in 1989. It was a critical success, with Loudwire ranking it number eight in their list of best thrash albums that weren’t released by Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer or Anthrax. It was also a commercial success, resulting in the band’s first world tour. Frolic Through the Park features the single “Bored”, which was used in the 1990 film Leatherface: The Chainsaw Massacare III and was played regularly on MTV’s Headbangers Ball. This LP is an expanded edition, containing a bonus D-side, making it a unique release. It is pressed on silver coloured vinyl and comes in a limited edition of 2000 individually numbered copies.

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Frolic Through The Park








A1. 3rd Floor
A2. Road Mutants
A3. Why You Do This
A4. Bored
B1. Devil’s Metal
B2. Confused
B3. Guilty Of Innocence
C1. Open Up
C2. Shores Of Sin
C3. Cold Gin
C4. Mind Rape
D1. Dehumanization
D2. Silent Killer
D3. Witches Of Knave