David Byron – Take No Prisoners

His 1975 album was the first solo outing for David Byron, former lead singer for Uriah Heep. It isn’t a big surprise that a good portion of the album sounds a lot like the group that gave him his day job at the time: sturdy organ-driven hard-rockers like “Silver White Man” and “Hit Me With a White One” (featuring the recently deceased Ken Hensley). Take No Prisoners is a solid and consistent solo venture. It’s all there, Heep-styled rockers with a variety of roots rock and soul experiments that blend in well with the other, more traditional material. And “Love Song” proves that Byron could do a straight ballad with surprising sensitivity. Overall, Take No Prisoners is a well-crafted album that will definitely find favor with Uriah Heep fans.

Take No Prisoners is available as a limited edition of 1000 individually numbered copies on purple coloured vinyl. The package includes an insert.

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Take No Prisoners








A1. Man Full Of Yesterdays
A2. Sweet Rock ‘N’ Roll
A3. Steamin’ Along
A4. Silver White Man
A5. Love Song
B1. Midnight Flyer
B2. Saturday Night
B3. Roller Coaster
B4. Stop (Think What You’re Doing)
B5. Hit Me With A White One

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