Daft Punk – TRON: Legacy (2xVinyl)

“Tron”, the cult film of the 80s, set new standards in the science fiction genre. Now Disney is presenting the next chapter in the saga, and with “Tron: Legacy” and a gigantic animated film set, it is set for the box-office success of 2011

Probably the hottest electro act on the planet was hired for the soundtrack. Daft Punk are considered the gods of the house scene worldwide and have already cracked the top ten in the charts seven times. The complete soundtrack to the movie spectacle was penned by the French band – rarely have the look and sound of a film been so coherent

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In 1982, Kevin Flynn, played by Jeff Bridges, tries to uncover a theft of computer programs in “Tron” and ends up in an electronic parallel world. eighteen years later, Kevin Flynn has disappeared and “Tron: Legacy” tells the story of his son Sam, who sets out to find his missing father. Oscar winner Jeff Bridges once again plays the role of the ambitious computer crack Flynn

Daft Punk’s music is a perfect fit for the digital parallel world that becomes the breathtaking setting for the action in the film. In “Tron: Legacy”, image and sound, reality and fiction merge and so the film world with the unique Daft Punk sound and 3D glasses seems within reach from the cinema seat.

For the music to “Tron: Legacy”, Grammy winners Daft Punk took plenty of time and wrote 24 tracks that set the world of the Disney classic to music in perfection. The soundtrack was recorded with a 100-piece symphony orchestra at AIR Lyndhurst Studios in London. Songs like “Derezzed” highlight the film’s fast-paced storyline with whipping synths and a restless beat, while the thoughtful “Fragile” underscores the depth of the electronic dream world

Like every work by the French, the soundtrack to “Tron: Legacy” sounds rebellious and inspiring. With their first film score, Daft Punk hit the bull’s eye right away.

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TRON: Legacy (2xVinyl)





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