Daft Punk – Homework

In early 2021, Daft Punk announced their disbandment. Formed in 1993, the French duo of Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter pioneered French house music.

In 1997 the debut album “Homework” was released. Daft Punk initially produced tracks with no plans to release an album. After working for five months on projects intended as separate singles, they deemed the material good enough for an album. In particular, the singles “Around the World”, “Revolution 909” and “Da Funk” became international successes. The album charted in 14 countries, including #3 on the French album chart, #150 on the United States Billboard 200, #8 in the UK, and #44 in Germany, bringing French house music worldwide attention. It has sold more than 2.5 million copies in 35 countries.

Today, “Homework” is considered an influential classic of electronic dance music, not least because of its great experimentation with house, punk influences and distorted samples. It was even ranked number one on the “30 best EDM albums of all time.” by music magazine Rolling Stone voted. Reason enough for it to be reissued once again in 2021.

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A1: Daftendirekt
A2: Wdpk 83.7 Fm
A3: Revolution 909
A4: Da Funk
A5: Phoenix
B1: Fresh
B2: Around The World
B3: Rollin & Scratchin
C1: Teachers
C2: High Fidelity
C3: Rock N Roll
C4: Oh Yeah
D1: Burnin
D2: Indo Silver Club
D3: Alive
D4: Funk Ad