Brian Eno – Film Music 1976 – 2020

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Film Music 1976 – 2020







Track 1 Top Boy from ‘Top Boy’ (Series 1, Directed By Yann Demange, 2011)
Track 2 Ship in a Bottle from ‘The Lovely Bones’ (Directed By Peter Jackson, 2009)
Track 3 Blood Red from ‘Francis Bacon’s Arena’ (Directed By Adam Low, 2005)
Track 4 Under from ‘Cool World’ (Directed By Ralph Bakshi, 1992)
Track 5 Decline and Fall from ‘O Nome Da Morte’ (Directed By Henrique Goldman, 2017)
Track 6 Prophecy Theme from ‘Dune’ (Directed By David Lynch, 1984)
Track 7 Reasonable Question from ‘We Are Gods’ (Directed By David Alvarado/Jason Sussberg, 2020)
Track 8 Last Evening in Jersey from ‘Heat’ (Directed By Michael Mann, 1995)
Track 9 Beach Sequence from ‘Beyond the Clouds’ (Directed By Michelangelo Antonioni, 1995)
Track 1 You Don’t Miss Your Water from ‘Married to the Mob’ (Directed By Jonathan Demme, 1988)
Track 2 Deep Blue Day from ‘Trainspotting’ (Directed By Danny Boyle, 1996)
Track 3 The Sombre from ‘Top Boy’ (Series 2, Directed By Jonathan Van Tulleken, 2013)
Track 4 Dover Beach from ‘Jubilee’ (Directed By Derek Jarman, 1978)
Track 5 Design As Reduction from ‘Rams’ (Directed By George Chan, 2004)
Track 6 Undersea Steps from ‘Hammerhead’ (Directed By George Chan, 2004)
Track 7 Final Sunset from ‘Sebastiane’ (Directed By Derek Jarman, 1976)
Track 8 An Ending (Ascent) from ‘For All Mankind’ (Directed By Al Reinert, 1989)