Boney M. – The Magic Of Boney M.

1976 – the year of Boney M.’s first #1 hit “Daddy Cool” and the birth of an extraordinary music career that was to follow Boney M. can be called the heroes of the disco era and there is no question why their best-of release was once called “THE MAGIC OF BONEY M.” It has always been a monument to this super group, because it gathers the treasures of that time and definitely has its own magic! Think of ballads like “El Lute” or the Christmas version of “Mary’s Boy Child” that became famous all over the world Her famous track “Rivers Of Babylon” from 1978 enriches the track list Together with the other #1 tracks “Sunny” or “Ma Baker”; “Brown Girl in The Ring”; “Rasputin”; but also “Belfast” and “Hooray!” Hooray! It’s A Holi-Holiday” are included It’s music for the whole year, it’s music for the whole life.

Special Remix Edition (LP 1: Magenta Transparent Vinyl/LP 2: Blue Transparent Vinyl)

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The Magic Of Boney M.



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A1 Boney M. – Daddy Cool 3:27
A2 Boney M. – Sunny 3:57
A3 Boney M. – Rivers Of Babylon 4:15
A4 Boney M. – El Lute 3:58
A5 Boney M. – No Woman No Cry 4:18
B1 Boney M. – Hooray! Hooray! It’s A Holi-Holiday 3:55
B2 Boney M. – Rasputin 4:25
B3 Boney M. – Painter Man 3:16
B4 Boney M. – Belfast 3:27
B5 Boney M. – Brown Girl In The Ring 4:00
C1 Boney M. – Kalimba De Luna 4:13
C2 Boney M. – Happy Song 3:58
C3 Boney M. – Still I’m Sad 4:24
C4 Boney M. – Mary’s Boy Child / Oh My Lord 4:01
C5 Boney M. – Baby Do You Wanna Bump 2:27
C6 Boney M. – Felicidad (Margherita) 2:51
D1 Boney M. – Gotta Go Home 2:32
D2 Boney M. – Ma Baker 4:06
D3 Boney M. – Sunny (Mousse T. Radio Mix) 3:19
D4 Majestic x Boney M. – Rasputin 3:06
D5 Lizot x Boney M. – Daddy Cool 2:34
D6 Boney M. – Ríos De Babylonia (Spanish Version) 4:08